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C’est impossible?  Mais Non!   Of course, you may be wondering how it’s possible to see Paris in 4 days when it’s well known that you could never see all of it even if you lived there for 4 decades!

The beautiful clock at Musee Dorsay. Stunning.
The beautiful clock at Musee Dorsay. Stunning.

Well – the QuickTripTo crew did it recently and we had a fabulous time.  I can guarantee it’ll be a whirlwind and will leave you wanting more, but here are the highlights:

Where to stay:

We stayed in the Opera District in the Wilson Opera Hotel – www.hotelwo.com.   It’s fabulous – small, quaint, quiet, and ideally located!  The Opera district is bustling, but less pricey than some of the other areas nearby.  The hotel is a block from the Gare St. Lazarre (train station) which makes it a great location.  In front, on the street, you can rent a bike for the day, then return it there (or anywhere else in the city) later in the day.

The holy grail for shoppers in Paris. Possibly the most beautiful department store on the planet!
The holy grail for shoppers in Paris. Possibly the most beautiful department store on the planet!


We purchased a Paris Pass on line in advance of our arrival.  This is a fabulous time and money saver!  Order yours at www.parispass.com.  They’ll send it to you in a few days, and this little gem will get you into museums, on a lovely cruise of the Seine, and on the ‘Carre-Rouge’ – the ‘red bus’.  This is a ‘Hop On/Hop Off’ bus tour that’s A MUST.  In fact, we’re fans of doing these bus tours in most large cities they operate in (New York City, Chicago, Vancouver, etc.)

The Seine River cruise that came with the Paris Pass was fabulous – but be careful if you take the last cruise of the day, you may be unable to get back on the Carre Rouge if that’s how you’re getting around.  The cruise leaves from a port near the Eiffel Tower, which is very convenient.

Naturally – if you’re in Paris, you have to go up the Eiffel Tower.  Go early – the lineups build fast!  Watch for pickpockets – they’re definitely around all of the ‘touristy’ spots in this city.  We recommend doing the Tour Eiffel in the morning, then get over to the Notre Dame area to have lunch at a cafe.  You must sit at a lovely little table with a great meal, lovely bottle of wine, and someone to laugh and enjoy the moment with…..the people watching is amazing!

If you’re going to visit the museums, its no surprise that the Louvre is the grand-dame of them all!  They are closed on Tuesdays, however, so plan to do other sightseeing that day. The Musee Dorsay is fabulous if you want to step into the world of Van Gogh and other painters of his time. It’s a mecca for impressionism.

Where to eat:

Dining in Paris is the ultimate!  The food and wine are amazing – and the people-watching is even better.  If you’re on a budget, but still want amazing, French country cooking, make sure to check out ‘Chez Papa.’  www.chez-papa.com. The Coufidou is FABULOUS….and this is where we were introduced to French Toast….for dessert! Be sure to also have a lovely bagette with cheese and ham with a great coffee for breakfast (or lunch, or anytime for that matter) and spending time in a creperie is a must!

If you’re wanting to splurge, visit Maxim’s, the famous Paris Eaterie that’s been treating folks to amazing culinary fare for decades!

Getting there:

KLM Airlines is fantastic – we’re big fans at QuickTripTo!

AJ Williams
AJ Williams
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